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lindsay_loh's Journal

Lindsay Loh
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This is LJ's largest Lindsay Lohan community with 2,000+ members and your #1 source for everything Lindsay! There are daily posts containing photos, breaking news, gossip, icons, and MUCH MORE! So if you love Linds this is the place for you! All we ask, we being your lovely mods, is that before you join and post please read the rules. Also, if you ever have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, please refer here.

We are a PRO-Lindsay community, so bashing her is absolutely prohibited. If you don't like her, then leave
Only Lindsay-related posts are allowed, please stay on topic
NO community promotions, unless okay'd by a mod first, which can be done here
All photos must be under an LJ-CUT, this also goes for posts with long amounts of text
Before requesting a picture check the tags and galleries listed in the links list before making a post
Rules regarding icons and graphics can be found here, if your post does not follow those rules it will be deleted
Last, but certainly not least, please respect all members and their opinions

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